Cebolla Homestead Pen



Four samples were collected from the pen, two as cores and two as cross sections. The species used include two junipers (one J. scopulorum), a pinyon, and a ponderosa. All of the beams are much smaller than those used in the cabin and were probably procured on the site. Two beams (CEB-192 and CEB-195) were horizontal beams, one sample was from a loose beam, and one (CEB-193) was taken from an upright corner post. The upright corner post has a metal ax-cut upright end, but no other tool marks were noted on the specimens.

Three of the samples yielded dates, but all are noncutting dates. Using Ahlstrom’s (1985) dating principles, we infer that the structure was built sometime after 1937. It is possible that the mini-cluster in 1931 indicates construction in that year and repair in 1937 or later; the small, somewhat informal nature of the structure and distribution of dates from other site structures, however, makes such an inference unlikely.

Data Summary

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