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trees File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bppimpl.h [code]
bppio.h [code]
cameradevice.h [code]
chain.h [code]
chain_ringwidths.cMeasures ring widths and brightness profiles
data_export.cExports data such as ring widths from TREES in formats that other software can undestand, including the traditional Tucson raw ring width format (.RWL files) and a comma-separated value text format designed for import into most spreadsheets
find_register.cRegistration of a pair of overlapping images
find_registration.cRegistration of a pair of overlapping images
histogram.h [code]
junkmath.h [code]
logerr.h [code]
mosaic.h [code]
motion.h [code]
ppdev_motion.cMotion control for stages driven by unintelligent stepper motors
project_utilities.h [code]
src/proto.h [code]
tclSadie_proto/proto/proto.h [code]
ringlist.h [code]
sad_context.h [code]
sad_workspace.cManipulates sparse mosaics: collections of images that are not necessarily aligned on a regular grid, may overlap in places, but may also be non-contiguous
sad_workspace.h [code]
src/sadie.h [code]
tclSadie_proto/src/sadie.h [code]
tclSadie_proto/proto/sadie.h [code]
sadie_byte.h [code]
Sadie_Index.cIndexes to application-wide data structures such as lists of images
Sadie_Index.h [code]
sadie_short.h [code]
StageMotion.h [code]
trees.h [code]
trees_context.cImplements a particular version of the Sadie application context (for the TREES application)
trees_profile.h [code]
trees_widthvec.cHandling measurements (ring widths and other such data) within TREES
trees_widthvec.h [code]

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