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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AxismappingLogical to physical axis mapping
bandroiSums of pixel values within a rectangular region of interest (ROI) (limited to a single band and interval)
boundpointA point in a temporary temporary ring boundary representation
DevicestateThe bit pattern currently applied to the parallel port data register
dheapA fixed-size ordered queue of image dissimilarities (a heap data structure)
dim_rangeRepresents a range of indicies, e.g., within a particular image dimension (bands, lines, pixels, etc.)
dposThe dissimilarity from matching images, with their positions
mheapA fixed-size ordered queue (a heap structure) of goodness of fit values
mposThe goodness of fit metric value from matching images, with their positions
overlapRepresents the overlap interval between two images
profile_nodeIndividual brightness profiles
RECTANGLEA rectangle aligned with the x and y axes
regimage_pyramidA pyramid of images, ordered by resolution
regparamRegistration parameters for a particular downsampled image resolution
regparam_pyramidA collection of settings for registering images at various resolutions
Sad_docEach document contains a SADIE image with its property hash table
Sad_docitemOne node of the singly-linked list of documents hanging off a hash bucket
Sad_doclistA hash table implements the list of documents
Sad_propertyitemOne node of the singly-linked list of properties hanging off a hash bucket
StagecontrolGrouping of definitions for one parallel port and all its dependent axes
StagelocationCoordinates representing a position along multiple axes
TranslationEverything needed to control a translational stage axis
xydisplaceForward or backward displacement both horizontal and vertical

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