Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Paul R. Sheppard

Associate Professor

email: sheppard @
office: 105-C1 West Stadium
phone: 520-621-6474
office hours: M,W 11:00
departments: Geography and Regional Development

Division of Community, Environment, and Policy in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

interests: Nitrogen and tree growth
Cinder cone eruptions
Image analysis of tree rings
Urban environmental monitoring
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Current research projects

  • Measuring and interpreting N in tree rings
  • Identifying multiple tree-ring responses to the eruption of Parícutin, Michoacán, México, with ramifications for Sunset Crater, Arizona
  • Improving use of reflected-light imaging techniques of conifer tree rings to reconstruct past summer rainfall in the Southwest
  • Environmental monitoring in urban areas with public health issues

Current teaching projects

Current outreach projects

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Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
updated: 3 August, 2011
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