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Geosciences 195D

Sense of Place

Map of Tucson
"Go my children, burn your books. Buy yourselves stout shoes, get away to the mountains, the deserts, and the deepest recesses of the earth. Mark well the distinction between animals, the differences among plants, the various kinds of minerals. In this way, and no other, will you arrive at a knowledge of things, and of their properties."
—Peter Severinus, AD 1571

Description: Students are introduced to the geology and ecology of Tucson and surrounding mountain ranges, including interactions between past and present societies with desert and forest environments. Four Saturday field trips (one per month) are scheduled during the semester, each emphasizing a particular region with unique geological and biological aspects. This is a first-year colloquium course, but any UA student can enroll.

A Tuesday evening class meeting will take place prior to each Saturday field trip.


  • Paul Sheppard
    • Office:  Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
      407 Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building
      (over Math East, click for a map or a photo)
    • Office Phone:  621-6474
    • E-mail: sheppard @
    • Office Hours:  MW 11:00 AM, or in the field
  • Gary Huckleberry
    • Office:  The outdoors
    • E-mail: ghuck10 @
    • Office Hours:  In the field

Field Trip Dates for Spring 2015

Trip #1: Santa Cruz Basin
(Click here for 1-page narrative)

January 24 (Tuesday night meeting is January 20)
Map of trip #1

Trip #2: Tucson Mountains
(Click here for 1-page narrative)

February 21 (Tuesday night meeting is February 17)

Map of trip #2

Trip #3: Desert Washes and Urban Flooding
(Click here for 1-page narrative)

March 28 (Tuesday night meeting is March 24)
Map of trip #3

Trip #4: Mt. Lemmon, All the Way to the Top
(Click here for 1-page narrative)

April 25 (Tuesday night meeting is April 21)
Map of trip #4


Guidelines on Grading

Suggestions on Field Notebooks

Conduct in Class

All participants in this course—professors and students alike—should practice common courtesy, in the classroom as well as in the field.

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