Arizona Envirothon 2015

Urban/Community Forestry

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AZ Envirothon
This year's Envirothon theme, "Urban/Community Forestry," involves forestry and trees at many levels, for example:
  • Practicalities of planting trees in urban areas 
  • Ecosystem goods and services provided by urban trees 
  • Some drawbacks of big trees growing in urban areas 
  • Global aspects of urban forests 
Example photos (click on each photo to see larger version)

Sycamore-lined city street.
Beautiful and cool. Uplifting.

Tree blowdown on a residential street.
Dangerous and costly. Heartbreaking.

Tree City, USA

Practically every state has a city known as Tree City, USA, a city that has an especially strong urban forest. The Arbor Day Foundation sponsers the program called Tree City USA. Click here to see pictures and issues of one example.

Studying for forestry in Envirothon

The goal in studying for this year's Envirothon topic should be to become proficient with both basic knowledge of Arizona forestry issues and specific knowledge on urban forests and trees. For example, modifiying the 2015 national learning objectives pertaining to forestry in Arizona:

  1. Identify species commonly found in Arizona wildlands resources, e.g., tree species and basic ecology of forests, rangelands, and deserts.
  2. Be able to describe the goods and services that healthy ecosystems (urban and non-urban) provide us humans. In other words, know why it's important to even bother concerning ourselves with environmental issues such as forestry.
  3. Examples of urban forestry, complete with pluses and minues of growing big trees in urban areas.

Three types of information are linked from this site:

This site is updated by Paul Sheppard of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona, Tucson. It is intended for the use of Arizona Envirothon high school teams as a source of forest-related information about the 2007 Envirothon theme: Alternative/Renewable Energy.

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