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Student Awards

Student Recognition

The LTRR faculty recognizes the accomplishments and potential of its students with these scholarships. They are intended to encourage students to continue their tree-ring studies and to apply that learning in their future career.

Andrew Ellicott Douglass Memorial Scholarship

The Douglass Scholarship indicates outstanding academic achievement and high expectations of future contributions to dendrochronology. The late Mrs. Ida Whittington Douglass and Elizabeth Hale Strickler established this fund to benefit upper division or graduate students in the fields of dendrochronology and astronomy. Recipients are named by the Departments concerned and approved by the Dean of the College of Science subject to approval of the Student Financial Aid Office.

Alsie French & Edmund Schulman Memorial Scholarship

The Schulman Scholarship indicates outstanding students in our dendrochronology courses who have demonstrated high potential for making future contributions to the field of dendrochronology. This award is gift from Florence E. Phillips and Gladys Phillips of Tucson, Arizona, in memory of Alsie French Schulman, formerly Assistant Professor of English, and Edmund Schulman, formerly Professor of Dendrochronology at the University of Arizona. Upper division students in the Departments of English and Dendrochronology are eligible. Candidates are recommended by the Department concerned, subject to the approval of the appropriate Deans and the Office of Student Financial Aid. The award value is $400 annually in each field.

Bristlecone Award

The Bristlecone Award indicates outstanding contributions by a graduate or undergraduate student working in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research on research related to bristlecone pine. The award is a gift from an anonymous donor, and is awarded irregularly.

Previous Award Recipients

Douglass Schulman Bristlecone
2006 Scott R. St. George
2006 Kevin Anchukaitis
2003 David Grow
2003 Kurt Kipfmueller
2001 Kiyomi Morino
2001 Linah Ababneh
1998 Matthew W. Salzer
1998 William "Ed" Wright
1997 Stephen E. Nash
1995 Connie A. Woodhouse
1992 Franco Biondi
1992 Henri Grissino-Mayer
1990 Paul Sheppard
1988 Christopher Baisan
1988 James Fairchild-Parks
1982 Thomas W. Swetnam
1980 Richard V. Ahlstrom
1979 Desnee Campbell
1978 Martin R. Rose
1976 Laura E. Conkey
2008 Laura Mashall
2007 Rebecca Franklin
2003 Jeffrey Balmat
2003 Ellis Margolis
2001 Christine L. Hallman
2000 Karen T. Porter
1998 Daniel Ryerson
1996 Jacqueline J. Shinker
1994 James H. Speer
1992 Barbara McCaleb
1991 John King
1991 Shelley R. Danzer
1989 Christopher Baisan
1989 James Fairchild-Parks
1981 Richard V. Ahlstrom
1979 Desnee Campbell
2007 Justin Lewis
2007 Jared Scott
2006 Christine L. Hallman
2002 Linah Ababneh

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