LTRR Dendroarchaeology Fieldschool Webpages

These webpages showcase the projects carried out each summer by the dendroarchaeology fieldschool of the Laboratory for Tree Ring Research at the University of Arizona.

Every year since 2002, the LTRR has supported the Geosciences/Anthropology 497J/597J course, a dendroarchaeology fieldschool for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals. This intensive three-week course is offered each May and trains students and professionals in sample collection, analysis, and interpretation. The course has attracted participants from many US and Canadian institutions (U Arizona, U New Mexico, Colorado State U, U Utah, U Chicago, Cal State, Laval, U British Columbia, Yale), government agencies (NPS, USFS, BLM) and international participants from Poland, Japan, Mexico, and Chile.

The goals of the class are to provide participants with classroom, field, and laboratory experience in the theory, methods, and applications of tree-ring data to archaeological issues. Each project is designed to produce detailed chronological, behavioral, and environmental information about an archaeological site.

2002 fieldschool projects view as slideshow

2006 fieldschool projects

2007 fieldschool projects





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