Dendroarchaeology Fieldschool 2002 Projects

The 2006 fieldschool participants sampled two sites in northwestern New Mexico:

1/4 section pueblito, Farmington District BLM

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Title Page
Project Description
Project Goals
Techniques 2
Date Types and Terminology
Local Area
Geology and Topography
Area and History
1/4 Section Pueblito
Site Description
Interpreting the Architecture
Samples Collected
Species Selection and Use
Data Table
Data Table 2
Stem and Leaf Plot
Chronological Interpretations
Regional Context
End Photo

Martinez Homesite

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Title Page
Project Description
Project Goals
Collecting Samples
Types of Tree-Ring Dates
Location (Map)
Geological Context & Climate
Ecosystem 1
Ecosystem 2
Ecosystem 3
Martinez Homestead Research to Date
Site Map
The House
Floor Plan
Photo of Sampling
South Doorway Photo
Room 1 Data Table
Interpreting Room 1
Room 2 Data Table & Interpretation
Photo of Jacal Wall
Room 3/4 Data Table
Interpreting Room 3
Corral Map
Corral Photo
Corral Data Table 1
Corral Data Table 2
Interpreting the Corral
Photo of Lambing Pens
Map of Lambing Pens
Data Table for Lambing Pens
Interpreting the Lambing Pens
Photo of Trough
Photo of Notch
Significance of the Trough
Species Distribution and Wood Use
Interpreting Wood Use at the Site
The Chronology of the Martinez Homestead
Ethnographic Information
End Photo