1/4 Section Pueblito, Farmington District BLM

This project was conducted by the 2002 Geosciences 597J course at the Laboratory of Tree-ring Research, the University of Arizona with tremendous assistance from the Farmington Bureau of Land Management.

The goals of the project were to (a) provide students and professionals with experience in the collection, preparation, crossdating, and interpretation of archaeological tree-ring samples, and (b) to generate chronological and behavioral interpretations of ¼ Section Pueblito.

Dinetah Environment

Area Geology and Topography

Area Climate

Dinetah Area and History


¼ Section Pueblito

The structure is a 4-room sandstone masonry building with wood roof beams and door / window lintels.
Rooms 1 & 2 are around the base of the boulder on the north and west sides.  Room 4 occupies tha entire top of the boulder.  Room 3 is below Room 2 on the bench below the boulder.  A burned and buried forked-pole hogan is 5 m NE of the boulder.
Wood was in various states of preservation and several beams were in situ.

Interpreting the Architecture

The Samples Collected

Species Selection and Use

Stem and Leaf Plot

Chronological Interpretations

Regional Context


We very much appreciate the advice and assistance of the following individuals and organizations:

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