FACE Experiments at Maricopa, Arizona


Steven W. Leavitt and PIs/Collaborators over the years (Hyrum Johnson, Paul Pinter, Eldor Paul, Gary Wall, Elise Pendall, Talbot Brooks, Li Cheng, George Hendry, Bruce Kimball, Hyrum Johnson, Hugo Rodgers, Dave Williams, and many, many others)


Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiments are now being conducted around the world. These experiments are conducted outdoors without the confining elements of indoor growth chamber and outdoor chamber experiments, thereby adding greater realism to experimental conditions. Generally there are ambient control plots with CO2 concentrations of the current atmosphere, and enriched treatments with CO2 concentrations elevated by at least 200 ppmV relative to the control. A distribution of pipes with holes facing inward to the plot is used to add CO2 with valves controlling distribution depending on wind direction.



At Maricopa, Arizona, FACE experiments have taken place since 1989 with enriched CO2 plots at ambient+200ppmV:


1989, 1990, 1991 Cotton (CO2 x H2O)

1992-93, 1993-94 Wheat (CO2 x H2O)

1995-96, 1996-97 Wheat (CO2 x N)

1998, 1999 Sorghum (CO2 x H2O)


Since 1991, we have been using isotopes in the experiment in a wide range of activities such as:


Isotopic consistency of source of tank CO2

Independent verification of intended CO2 concentration in enriched treatments

Assessing variability of spatial isotopic homogeneity in enriched treatments



Water-Use Efficiency estimation

Homogeneity of soil organic carbon (SOC) isotopic composition

C inputs to SOC pools

C losses from SOC pools

SOC isotopic signal through time

soil respiration evidence

Specific plant compounds




In tracing carbon into soils, the isotopic composition of the tank CO2 and the plants provides a tracer to follow carbon into the soil organic carbon (SOC) pools and out via soil respiration. In the 1999 FACE sorghum experiment, the isotopic compositon of the plants was very 13C-enriched relative to the SOC (d13C = -23.5):

The shift in carbon isotopic composition of the SOC before and after the experiment can be used to estimate the carbon inputs:



Maricopa Isotope Publications/Presentations:


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