Steven W. Leavitt

Professor of Dendrochronology

University of Arizona
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Tucson, AZ 85721 USA
Phone (520)-621-6468
FAX (520)-621-8229



Curriculum Vita



Recent Graduate Students and Projects:

Elise E Pendall
Lisa Pedicino
Peter Kent Van de Water
Ed Wright
Li Cheng


Recent and Current Projects:

Ponderosa Pine Tree-Ring Isotopes And Climate (Including Tree Ring 3.0 Model)
Historical & Prehistorical Packrat and Herbarium Plant Matter Isotopes and Environment
Arizona Maricopa Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) Experiment
Pinyon Pine Deuterium and Carbon Isotope Project
Younger Dryas Wood From Mid-North America
Southwestern Pinyon Pine Carbon Isotope Chronologies
Seasonal Intra-Ring Isotope Patterns
Great Plains Soils
South Africa Isotope Dendrochronology
China Isotope Dendrochronology



NATS101---Introduction To Global Change
GC572---Global Biogeochemical Cycles
GEOS 595E Isotope Dendrochronology


Editor, Tree-Ring Research:

Instructions for Authors
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New Format for References (effective Jan. 1, 2007)


"Behind the Woodshed" Column in Tree-Ring Times (Lab. of Tree-Ring Research Newsletter)

Winter 2001 Column(PDF)  Full Issue(PDF)
Spring 2002 Column (PDF) Full Issue(PDF)
Winter 2002 Column(PDF)  Full Issue(PDF)
Summer 2003 Column(PDF)  Full Issue(PDF)
Spring 2004 Column(PDF)  Full Issue(PDF)

Isotope Dendrochronology Bibliography

Tree-Ring_Isotope Forum (listserve)

Southwestern US Tree-Ring Isotope Drought Maps and Data

Great Plains Soil d13C Maps, 13k-0k @1000y Increments (.mht after Quat. International 2007 162163: 2134)

 Sheared Tree Tops and a N. American Younger Dryas-Age Forest (best viewed with InternetExplorer)




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