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Tumamoc Hill

Tumamoc Hill map
Tumamoc Hill has been called the "Acropolis of Tucson." It is the prominent hill west of downtown Tucson, just beyond "A" Mt. (Sentinel Peak). It is home to the famous, long-standing Desert Laboratory as well as various remnants of much more ancient civilizations.

Desert Laboratory. Photo—Gaizka Urreiztieta, 2011.

Desert Lab Library. Photo—Gary Huckleberry, 2017.

Tumamoc saguaro.
Photo—Meghan Marriott, 2014.

Tumamoc rock art. Photo—Carly Stewart, 2014.

With snow this year. Photo—Paul Sheppard, 2017.

Tumamoc bedrock mortar.
Photo—Nina Kolodij, 2015.

Paul wins again, "biggest hat."
Photo—Carly Stewart, 2014.
Tumamoc Hill is also a cherished spot for hill walkers, people who like to hoof it up and down the whole way to get exercise, see the great views, and socialize. Click here for a webpage for and by Tumamoc Walkers, and click here for an account of walking Tumamoc plus basic stats of the Hill.

This walking activity has been somewhat controversial because of access and protection issues. See the following links to the local newspaper for entries to this debate:

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