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"A" Mt.

A Mt., Tucson
view from A Mt
David Fitzsimmons, AZ Daily Star
"A" Mt., aka Sentinel Peak (elev.: 2,897 ft, 883 m), is right next to downtown Tucson. Is it a volcano (it's shaped like one)? If so, will it erupt again? When? We will speak to these questions and enjoy the nice views from on top. A Mt., Tucson

From the Top

"A" Mt., the top. Photo—Paul Sheppard, 2017.

Tucson from "A" Mt., 2010.
Photo—Paul Sheppard

Tucson from "A" Mt., 1852.

Snowy Tucson from "A" Mt. Photo—Paul Sheppard, 2010.
A Mt.
Mission Garden from "A" Mt., 2011.
Photo—Gaizka Urreiztieta.

Tumamoc and "A" Mt. from afar.
Photo—Paul Sheppard, 2017.

Mission Garden, 2015. Photo—Paul Sheppard.
Click here to read about the Mission Gardens.

Desert Nightsnake, roadkill, regrettably.
Paul Sheppard, 2017.

Mission Garden, 2017. Paul Sheppard
TEP Buffelgrass insert


A non-native, introduced grass called buffelgrass (not buffalo grass) is an ecological issue for Tucson specifically and the Sonoran Desert more generally.

Photo—Meghan Marriott, 2014.
pulling grass

pulling grass

pulling grass

On Grass Day 2011, Paul pulled this 10-yard
stretch, in 2 hours. Photos—Paul Sheppard.
pulling grass

pulling grass

pulling grass

On Grass Day 2011, Gary and Julia pulled up on
Skyline Dr. Photos—Gary Huckleberry.

Cruise through the following news articles, op-eds, and letters to the editor.

Buffelgrass on "A" Mt.
Photo—Gary Huckleberry, 2012

Buffelgrass bags on "A" Mt.
Photo—Jim Xerogeanes, 2015

Eagle Scout project: removing buffelgrass

2016 Outlook: Buffelgrass surging ahead this year.
Photo—Paul Sheppard

2017 Outlook: Even worse this year.
Photo—Paul Sheppard
2018 Outlook: Yet worse this year.
Photo—Paul Sheppard

Improve the Sentinel Peak City Park

2017: Sentinel Peak Park to be improved for tourism.

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