The University of Arizona® Net Managers

# Next Meetings

Thursday, 6 June Proposed Agenda
13:00 - 15:00 Student Union Room 283.
Thursday, 1 July
13:00 - 15:00 location undecided

# NetVision

NetVision presented a report to the campus Information Security Committe on November 12, asking that the University establish a security incident response team (SIRT), and provide training to raise computer and network security awareness throughout the entire university population (faculty, students, and staff).
NetVision mission statement
NetVision is the subcommittee within the NetMgrs group charged with examining future directions in networking at The University of Arizona.

# Background to Net Managers

Net Managers Charter
describes the composition of the group as a whole, its goals, and the form of its meetings.
Minutes of Meetings
have been archived since 1993.
Network Managers Role Description
Approved draft document describing the role of a network manager
request forms and such (98oct)
Network Information File
from the University Telecommunications Network Operations group includes the complete list of the network managers, as well as contact information for the Network Operations staff.
Telecom's UA Directory
is an FTP archive containing guidelines, rules, procedures, and hints for how a network manager at the UA is supposed to cope.
Network Managers Training & Information Classes
Training developed by the network managers group
AHSC Network Advisory Committee
describes a group based in the Arizona Health Sciences Center which has a substantial overlap with the Net Managers group.

# Information on networking

Network Hardware and Protocols
pointers to general information about networking.
IEEE 802
how to get more information about the IEEE standards for local and metropolitan area networks.
System-specific Information
pointers to information such as FAQ lists about networking specific systems (Suns, PCs, &c.), but not including the primary Web pages for major vendors.
Security Information
various sites that provide archives of security alerts and tools.
CCIT Telecom
lists of service charges; Router Statistics ; and extensive FTP archives (including many SNMP MIBs; information on SunNet Manager; a mirror of Belcore's S/Key one-time password FTP site)
UA Online Phonebook homepage
how to get a PH password or set a preferred email address in PH. To maintain your own PH entry, you do need to obtain a PH password through ACCOUNT and then use a PH client. You may use the public PH client by telnetting to phones.CCIT.Arizona.EDU and log in as 'phones'.
Vendors and Other Commercial Sites
some commercial Web sites relevant to networking.
Campus Site-Licensed Software
which software is licensed at lower rates for all campus units
Network Manager mail
an archive of selected Network Manager mail. See the list archive for a more comrehensive list of announcements.
Network problem resolution notes
an archive of notes describing solutions to computer network problems.
Current issues
topics of interest to University of Arizona Network Managers
an archive of messages on the University of Arizona NetDiscuss list.
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