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During each academic semester, the Laboratory offers a series of informal tree-ring talks covering any and all aspects of dendrochronology and related fields of environmental science.
  • These tree-ring talks are free and open to the public
  • All visitors are welcome to attend
  • Visitors who are so inclined are welcome to offer to give a talk
  • The talks are normally given at 12 noon on Wednesdays, but schedule changes occur occasionally
  • See below and/or please contact Ron Towner for more details about the tree-ring talks of the current semester
Fall 1999 Schedule of Tree-Ring Talks





Aug. 25 12 noon Steven Higgins
Centre for Water in the Environment
Deparment of Plant, Animal, and Environmental Science
University of the Witwatersand
South Africa
Fire, Rain, and Variance: A Recipe for Grass-Tree Coexistence in the Savannas
Sept. 1 12 noon Dr. Risto Jalkanen
Finnish Forest Research Institute
Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
Needle Trace Method for Production of Needle Chronologies
Sept. 8 12 noon James A. Parks
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
The University of Arizona
Lava Lamps, the Blum Blum Shub, and Tree-Ring Dates from Cliff Dwellings in Mesa Verde, Colorado
Sept. 15 12 noon open open
Sept. 22 12 noon open open
Sept. 29 12 noon open open
Oct. 6 12 noon Yu Liu, Ph.D., Professor
Head of Tree-Ring Laboratory
The State Key Laboratory of Loess and Quaternary Geology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
A Dendroclimatology Study in West-Central Inner Mongolia, China
Oct. 13 12 noon Paul R. Sheppard
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
The University of Arizona
Web-Based Teaching Modules in Dendrochronology
Oct. 20 12 noon open open
Oct. 27 12 noon Eugene Vaganov, Director
Institute of Forest, Siberian Branch
Russian Academy of Sciences
Dendrochronology as a Tool to Study Forest Ecosystems in Northern Eurasia
Nov. 3 12 noon Daniel Ryerson
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
The University of Arizona
The Reconstruction of Western Spruce Budworm Outreaks in Southern Colorado
Nov. 10 12 noon Paul Damon
Geosciences Department
The University of Arizona
Carbon isotopes in tree rings: Recent applications to astrophysics, solar physics, paleoclimate, and oceanography at The University of Arizona
Nov. 18 12:15 PM Rachel Craig
Professor of Geology
Kent State University
The ergodic saguaro: climate memory and plant distribution
Nov. 24 12 noon open open
Dec. 1 12 noon Deborah Hemming
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
The University of Arizona
Stable isotopes in tree rings: biosensors of climate and atmospheric CO2 variations
Dec. 8 12 noon open open

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