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Students are encouraged to attend The University of Arizona for the purpose of earning a graduate degree (Ph.D. or M.S.) with thesis research using dendrochronology through the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Prospective students must do three things:

  1. Apply to The University of Arizona Graduate College for admission. On-line forms are available.
  2. Contact one or more members of the faculty of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research to discuss common research ideas and possible funding sources.
  3. Graduate students earn their academic degrees some other academic department of The University of Arizona. For example, the following is a list of departments in which past and current students have studied. Also, feel free to contact current graduate students below for perspectives on their academic departments:
LTRR Graduate Students, 1999-2000

Ababneh, Linah

Archibald, Susan

Cheng, Li

Conway, Brian

Falk, Don

  • Professor: Swetnam
  • Dept.: ECOL
  • fire history, conservation biology, restoration ecology
Gao, Xing

  • Professor: Meko
  • Dept.: ANTH
  • Old World prehistory, Pleistocene environments, lithic technology
Grow, David

Hallman, Christine

Kaib, Mark

  • Professor: Swetnam
  • Dept.: ALS
  • Forest history, fire ecology in the Sierra Madres Occidentales and the Madrean Province
Kipfmueller, Kurt

  • Professor: Swetnam
  • Dept.: GEOG
  • Dendroecology/dendroclimatology in the Northern Rockies, fire ecology
Kirkby, June

Lenart, Melanie

Margolis, Ellis

Ni, Fenbiao

  • Professor: Hirschboeck
  • Dept.: ATMO
  • fenbiao@
  • synoptic dendroclimatology, climate downscaling, fuzzy logic, geostatistics, relational database development
Nunes, Elsa

  • Professor: Leavitt
  • Dept.: RNR
  • enunes@
  • climatology, plant physiology and anatomy, fire ecology and isotopes
Rollins, Matt

Ryerson, Dan

Salzer, Matthew

Street, David

  • Professor: Dean
  • Dept.: Univ. of Sheffield
  • djstreet@
  • archeological dating of the Anasazi site of Long House in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
Wright, Ed

  • Professor: Leavitt
  • Dept.: GEOS
  • wwright@
  • Isotope dendrochronology, palaeoclimatology, plant physiology, global climate change, dendroarchaeology

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