Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Dr. Ellis Q. Margolis

Research Associate

office: Room 321, Bryan Banister Tree-Ring Building
phone: 520-626-2733
interests: Fire ecology, biogeography, fire climatology, quaking aspen ecology, and applied historical ecology and climatology.

Current Research

  • Historical fire-climate relationships of upper elevation forests, southwestern U.S.
  • Post-fire quaking aspen regeneration - Lassen NP, CA
  • Fire history and streamflow recosntructions, Santa Fe Watershed, NM
  • Age and spatial structure of frequently burned Ponderosa pine forests, Gila, NM
  • Forest structure and fire history at the PJ/Ponderosa ecotone, Rowe Mesa, NM
  • Tree-ring corroboration of modeled NPP, Santa Fe Watershed, NM
  • Tree-ring reconstruction of Jemez Mountain Salamander habitat, Jemez Mtns, NM


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Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
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