The Following optional books are related to our course, and may be of interest. They are available in the UA library.

Climate change and biodiversity by Thomas E Lovejoy; Lee Jay Hannah; 2005 (QH541.15.B56 C62 2005)

The atlas of climate change : mapping the world's greatest challenge by Kirstin Dow; Thomas E Downing. 2006. (QC981.8.C5 D69 2006)

We are the weather makers : the history of climate change by Sally M Walker; Tim F Flannery. 2009 (No Call Number)

Why we disagree about climate change : understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity by M Hulme. 2009 (QC981.8.C5 H825 2009)

Climate change : turning up the heat by A Barrie Pittock. 2005 (QC981.8.C5 P58 2005)

Weather, climate, and climate change : human perspectives by Greg O'Hare; John Sweeney; R L Wilby. 2005 (QC861.3 .O35 2005)

Degrees that matter : climate change and the university by Ann Rappaport; Sarah Hammond Creighton. 2007 (QC981.8.C5 R367 2007)

Floods, droughts, and climate change by Michael Collier; Robert H Webb. 2002 (QC981 .C677 2002)

Human rights and climate change by Stephen Humphreys; 2010 (JC571 .H678 2010)

Climate change : causes, effects, and solutions by J T Hardy. 2003 (QC981.8.C5 H2565 2003)

The crowded greenhouse : population, climate change, and creating a sustainable world by John Firor; Judith Jacobsen 2002 (HB849.415 .F57 2002)

<<Governing in a World of Climate Change>> by RJ Berg (HC60.I546 1980)

<<Communicating Global Change Science to Society An Assessment and Case Studies>> by Holm Tiessen, Michael Brklacich, Gerhard Breulmann, Romulo Menezes (Q180.L37 C65 2007)

<<The Elements on Earth>> by P.A. Cox (QD31.2 C682 1995) Includes some information on the formation of elements as well as a description of the Earth’s radiation budget.

<<How to Build a Habitable Planet>> by Wallace Broecker (QE 515 B78 1985)

<<The Changing Atmosphere>> by John Firor (QC 86.2 F57 1990)

<<Atmosphere, Climate and Change>> by Thomas Graedel and Paul J. Crutzen (QC981 G63 1995) A book filled with beautiful illustrations and elegant explanations.

<<Ecology and the Environment>> by Sally Morgan (QH 541 M565 1995)

<<Introductory Chemistry for the Environmental Sciences>> by R.M. Harrison and S.J. de Mora (QD 31.2 I572 1996)

<<The World of Carbon>> by Isaac Asimov (QD 253 A75 1958)

<<The Dancing Univerise>> by Marcelo Gleiser (QB 981 G57 1997

<<Earth System Science: from biogeochemical cycles to global change>> by Michael Jacobson (QH344. E37 2000)

<<The Earth System>> by Lee R. Kump et al., 1999, published by Prentice-Hall, Inc.


August, Is Mother Earth about to get rid of us- or can we save ourselves by living sustainably? (Tucson Weekly, Dec. 18-24

Cerceo, The fragile existence of civilization: Are we tempting fate with acid precipitation and global warming? American Lab. April 2001.

1st and 3rd page are most relevant to our class.


Smith, In praise of petroleum? Science 298: 147 (2002)


Eilperin, Debate on Climate Shifts to Issue of Irreparable Change. Washington Post, Jan 29 (2006)


Bailey, Is Modern Civilization Fragile?, June 9, 2006


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Pentagon's Weather Nightmare, Fortune Magazine (website), Jan. 26, 2004

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