Basic Internet Search Tips


There are two useful engine types: Crawlers and Standard


Crawler examples (These are in a general order of usefulness):

1. Don Busca very useful crawler 2. Query Server

3. Meta Crawler 4. Webcrawler

5. Excite 6. Profusion

7. Dogpile


Standard examples (These are in a general order of usefulness):

1. Surfwax very useful 2. Teoma

3. Ithaki 4. Google

5. Yahoo 6. MSN


Searchs tips:

The University of Arizona of Sabio library, click on the dark blue Tips button.

The University of Albany library website:


Type the address in your browser, or go to the University of Albany, select Libraries, then Search the Internet, then Internet search engines, then How to choose a search engine or directory. It lists search engines and then search tools.


Search logic/commands:

Many of the engines allow you to fill in words, so commands arent as important but, here are a couple that are handy.

And use to focus your search. Actinium and atomic weight for example.

Or can be used if there are similar meanings for the search words.

Some search engines dont recognize these commands. Check the University of Albany website. It tells you what search commands can be used with a particular search engine.


Final tips:

Pick one engine. You want results, not wasted time.

Limit the amount of time on the web. See pick one engine.

If you are having trouble, contact the instructor or one of the T. A.s.