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  1. This template is designed to allow you to create a simple webpage in the same format as the LTRR website. If you already have a website, it is not necessary to use this template.
  2. Download this file into your webhome and change its name to 'index.html'. Anyone browsing to your webhome will automatically be directed to that page.
  3. Change the vital info at the top.
  4. Add your own photograph at the top, and change the HTML image file dimensions.
  5. Add whatever content you like in this section of the page, including links to pages that you have already made.
  6. Use the HTML tag 'h3' to denote a section of information; use the HTML tag 'p' to denote a paragraph of text. These tags will automatically format your text with proper font, size, etc. You may also add extra photos or other HTML elements.
  7. Delete these instructions.

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