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Proposal Procedures

updated 11/2004

  1. Establish a budget and project summary and budget justification.
    Required information includes:
    • Project Details: project title, start and end dates, sponsors
    • PI Information: employee ID, percentage of time devoted to the project
    • Co-PI Information: same as PI
  2. Submit to Phyllis for review. Phyllis will create the proposal routing sheet. This will require your signature and any UA co-PIs.
  3. Phyllis submits proposal to the Director for review and signature. The Director must know about all proposals before they leave the Lab and must also be aware of Lab personnel who have reviewed a proposal.
  4. If the overhead is not the standard overhead and the sponsor is not on the list of sponsors eligible for lower or waived indirect costs, then either (a) you will need to produce the sponsor's policy indicating the appropriate indirect billing rate or (b) the VP for Research will have to approve the lower or waived indirect costs. If (b), then the proposal must go to the Dean's office for approval.
  5. Additional signatures may need to be obtained if other UA departments/units are involved. If you are a co-PI on a proposal through another department, we will need to sign off on the proposal routing sheet as well. You will be required to submit a budget and justification (if applicable) and project summary (if applicable). If you are a co-PI and not receiving any funds, we just need to sign off on the proposal routing sheet and keep a copy for our files.
  6. The proposal routing sheet, project summary, budget and justification along with any additional items are walked to sponsored projects for signature. We wait for them to sign the documents.
  7. Once Sponsor Projects approves your proposal you may submit it to the sponsor.

Questions: please contact Phyllis.

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