Geos 220
Writing Assignment 1
Re-introduction of the Wolf in the Southwest

wolf image

Writing Assignment Guidelines


You are encouraged to discuss your ideas with classmates and others, but every piece of work that you submit with your name on it MUST be your own work, explained in your own words and reflecting your own understanding of the material. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. This means do not use the same words used by others to describe or explain something. Do not merely download or copy text verbatim from the internet or published materials. When you work together with other students, you will naturally discuss concepts in similar ways, but each of you is a unique individual who must obtain a personal understanding of course concepts. Write things down in words, phrases, and sentences that are yours and yours alone.

As always, no quoting in this class, ever, with or without the quotes.

Basic Minimum

In this class, writing is expected to be:

Other Style Points

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