Geos 220
Writing Assignment
Re-introduction of the Wolf in the Southwest

wolf image
"If the lobo has any useful qualities or habits, I have not yet learned of them. If it destroys any noxious animal, reptile or insect in appreciable quantity, I have no account of it. It seems to be a specialist in carnage and to have brought professional skill to the slaughter of cattle. Possibly it has uses—but it will require a skilled man with a very high powered magnifying glass to ascertain them."
O.W. Williams, 1908, Historical Review of Animal Life in Pecos County.

Evolutionary Scale of Extinction

It has been argued that the Mexican wolf should be allowed to go extinct, based on the following line of reasoning:

However, this notion has flaws:

Bottom line: "Letting nature takes its course," i.e., letting the wolf go extinct and being done with this whole issue already, is weak logic and will not be acceptable in this essay.

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