Geos 220
Writing Assignment

Re-introduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf
in the Southwest

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Writing Assignment

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The Problem: Re-introduction of the Wolf

Can common ground be found for the re-introduction of the almost extinct Mexican gray wolf, a large carnivorous predator? Give pros and cons of this issue.

Getting Started

Summarize the status of the Mexican Gray wolf re-introduction in the Southwest. Identify (cite) arguments and types of evidence that support the wolf re-introduction or that challenge the wolf re-introduction. Cover both sides. To conclude, how can common ground be achieved so that the wolf can exist without people being negatively affected?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Indeed, it would be academically useful to be able to argue both ways on this issue. The goal for this essay/video is lots of scholarship (reading) and clear and concise writing that expresses informed argumentation about the wolf re-introduction. Use the readings linked from this web site to develop specific arguments on the wolf re-introduction.

Before beginning writing, spend time reading science articles, web pages, and other reference materials (newsclips) related to the Mexican Gray wolf re-introduction.

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