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Dendroecology is the application of tree-ring analysis to ecological questions. Dendroecological studies have been an integral part of the LTRR's research program for decades. Our research focus is temporal aspects of forest dynamics. From fire history to insect outbreaks, we use tree-rings in concert with other ecological techniques to understand forests in the southwestern U.S. and around the world.

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Dr. Tom Swetnam,
Chris Baisan,
Dr. Dave Grow,
Dr. Don Falk,
Soo-hyun Baek,

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Graduate Students/RAs

Cal Farris,
Ellis Margolis,
Pepe Iniquez,
Kiyomi Morino,
Erica Bigio,
Jeff Balmat,

Current Research Projects

Fire history and spatial characteristics in the Jemez Mountains, NM
Don Falk

Fire history and vegetation dynamics along an elevational gradient in the Sierra Nevada, CA
Chris Baisan

High intensity fires in quaking aspen of the central Rockies
Ellis Margolis

Modeling fire spread using fire scar data, Fire Atlas perimeters, and the Mendoza Line
Calvin Farris

Spatial aspects of fire history in the Catalina Mountains, AZ
Jose "Pepe" Iniquez

Fire and environmental history of the Santa Fe Municipal Watershed, NM
Jeff Balmat

Watershed responses to wildfire
Erica Bigio

Selected Dendroecology Publications

Swetnam, T. W., and C. H. Baisan. 2003. Tree-ring reconstructions of fire and climate history in the Sierra Nevada and Southwestern United States. Pages 158-195 in T. T. Veblen, W. L. Baker, G. Montenegro, and T. W. Swetnam, editors. Fire and climate in temperate ecosystems of the western Americas. Springer-Verlag, New York.

Swetnam, T. W. 2002. Fire and climate history in the western Americas from tree rings. PAGES News 10(1): 6-8.

Kipfmueller, K. F., and T. W. Swetnam. 2001. Using dendrochronology to reconstruct the history of forest and woodland ecosystems. Pages 199-228 in D. Egan and E. A. Howell, editors. The historical ecology handbook: a restorationist's guide to reference ecosystems. Island Press, Washington, DC.

Swetnam, T. W., C. D. Allen, and J. L. Betancourt. 1999. Applied historical ecology: Using the past to manage for the future. Ecological Applications 9(4): 1189-1206.

Fritts, H. C., and T. W. Swetnam. 1989. Dendroecology: A tool for evaluating variations in past and present forest environments. Advances in Ecological Research 19111-188.

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