ITRDB Program Library

Downloading information

The library is in a self-extracting archive which needs an IBM-PC clone and DOS to run. Download the program EXTRACT.EXE. Some WWW clients, such as Mosaic for Windows, may have difficulty accessing our FTP server; in any case be sure to download to your own filesystem rather than trying to view it. If you use a FTP client program be sure to set it to binary mode to transfer the files. Once you have transferred the file over to the proper subdirectory, simply type extract at the prompt and the file will self-extract. Once the files are extracted, the file EXTRACT.EXE can be copied and stored for later use and deleted from the current subdirectory. Do not attempt to run the EXTRACT file until it is copied to the proper subdirectory.


ITRDB Program Library is a suite of software to analyze and manipulate tree-ring data. There is a considerable overlap with the Dendrochronology Program Library developed by Richard Holmes; the ITRDB Program Library is less powerful than the mainframe-based software for dendrochronology, but contains some PC-specific utilities which these lack and will run on more modest machines than the Dendrochronology Program Library, which is however a full-featured PC port of the mainframe-based software.

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