Dendrochronology Program Library

Downloading information

Download the DPL.ZIP archive to the directory where you want to install the executable files, then extract the files you want. If your Web browser will not allow downloads of this kind, use an FTP client program to download the files from our anonymous FTP site, ftp.LTRR.Arizona.EDU, which will also allow you to download individual files rather than the entire archive (be sure to set binary mode before downloading the .ZIP or .EXE files, and beware of using many Web browsers as your FTP client, since they don't work with our FTP server). The subdirectory where you have installed the executable files should be in the PATH statement in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If the executable file subdirectory is in the path, you may then run any program simply by typing the name of the program, e.g., DPL


Richard L. Holmes (RHolmes@CCIT.Arizona.EDU)