Site: LA152235


Figure 1. Overview of LA152235 looking south.


LA 152235 is an Early Navajo habitation site in the eastern part of the project area. It contains the collapsed remains of two forked-pole hogans, a possible ramada, and a sweatlodge discard pile. The small artifact assemblage indicates a Gobernador Phase occupation.

We collected 14 tree-ring samples from the site, seven from architectural contexts and seven from CMTs around the site. Eleven samples are juniper and three are pinyon. Unfortunately, only two samples yielded dates, both noncutting. BBM-32 dates 1587+vv and BBM-35 dates 1743vv. The later date may approximate the occupation period of the site, but it is considered unlikely. It is, however, one of the only dates from a juniper specimen in the project area

Site Number LTRR # Species Proven Function Inside Date Inside Symbol Outside Date Outside Symbol
LA152235 BBM-31a, b JUN FE 4 Fork NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-32 PNN FE 4 Leaner 1354 p 1587 +vv
LA152235 BBM-33 JUN FE 2 Vestibule jamb NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-34 JUN FE 2 Indeterminate NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-35 JUN FE 3 fork 1442 +-p 1743 vv
LA152235 BBM-36 JUN FE 3 fork NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-37 JUN FE 3 Dead tree collapsed on hogan NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-38 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-39 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-40 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-41 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-42 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-43 PNN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA152235 BBM-44 PNN   MA stump NO DATE