Site: LA152234 - The Fence

best fenceline

Figure 1. View west of the collapsed fence.

down rincon

Figure 2. View east of the fenceline coming down the sandstone edge of the Rincon.


The Fence, LA 152234, is an interesting and unique feature on the mesa. It is a collapsed wooden fence that bisects the narrowest portion of the mesa; it runs from the steep escarpment on the east to the edge of a sandstone rincon on the west (Figures 28 and 29). It is approximately 400m long and incorporated living trees, dead stumps, and large and small branches; only one element¡ªa small stump¡ªexhibited any ax cuts, all other elements were broken as a procurement technique.

We collected 17 samples from the site during two field visits. The first collect yielded four samples (BBM 115-118) and one noncutting date of 1746vv. This date opened the possibility that The Fence was an Early Navajo construct, so an additional visit was planned. The second collection focused exclusively on pinyon and resulted in the collection of 13 additional samples, eight of which yielded dates.

Unfortunately, no cutting dates and only two near cutting dates of 1930+v (BBM-181) and 1959+v (BBM-187) were generated. The date distribution ranges from 1569++vv to 1959+v and there are no solid date clusters. It is possible that The Fence was built as late as 1959 using dead wood, but the 1930+v date suggests earlier construction. Our best estimate is that The Fence was constructed in 1930 using mostly dead wood and was in use as late as 1959. It may have been repaired in the 1940s (BBM-188). It may even have been built in the 1890s (BBM-185, 186) and repaired several times. We simply cannot identify construction dates, but we do know The Fence is almost 50 years old at the youngest.

Site Number LTRR # Species Proven Function Inside Date Inside Symbol Outside Date Outside Symbol
LA152234 BBM-177 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree NO DATE      
LA152234 BBM-178 PNN   Dead Tree NO DATE      
LA152234 BBM-179 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree NO DATE      
LA152234 BBM-180 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1386 p 1640 ++vv
LA152234 BBM-181 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1794 p 1930 +v
LA152234 BBM-182 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1273 p 1569 ++vv
LA152234 BBM-183 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree NO DATE      
LA152234 BBM-184 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1705 +-p 1886 ++vv
LA152234 BBM-185 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1761 p 1895 ++vv
LA152234 BBM-186 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1731 p 1894 ++B
LA152234 BBM-187 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1849 p 1959 +v
LA152234 BBM-188 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree 1739 p 1945 ++B
LA152234 BBM-189 PNN   Loose Log, Dead Tree NO DATE      
LA152234 BBM-115 PNN   Dead wood 1550 +- 1746 vv
LA152234 BBM-116 PNN   Dead wood NO DATE      
LA152234 BBM-117 JUN   Burned stump NO DATE      
LA152234 BBM-118 JUN   MA limb NO DATE