Site: LA138464


Figure 1. Overview of LA138464 looking east.


LA 138464 is the remains of an Early Navajo sweatlodge located on a west-facing slope adjacent to a small drainage. All that remains of the site are the burned-rock discard pile and a small scattering of very weathered timbers. No super structure is present and Roney (2002) suggests that the wood may have been moved from the nearby trail to its current position.

Two samples were collected, one pinyon and one juniper, but neither dated. Without chronometric data, the best estimate of site occupation is sometime in the late 18th or early 19th century.

Site Number LTRR # Species Proven Function Inside Date Inside Symbol Outside Date Outside Symbol
LA138464 BBM-88 JUN   Loose log NO DATE      
LA138464 BBM-89 PNN   Loose log NO DATE