Site: LA138463


Figure 1. Overview of LA138463 looking west.


LA 138463 is an Early Navajo habitation site located on a south-facing bench above the Rio Puerco drainage. There is at least one, and may more, burned forked-pole hogan present. The small ceramic and lithic assemblage indicates a Gobernador Phase occupation, but later site use may also be present.

We collected 10 tree-ring samples from the site, all from CMTs; none of the architectural elements were suitable for sampling. Four of the samples, all pinyon, yielded noncutting vv dates. None of the six juniper samples dated. All of the dates postdate 1769 and indicate a late 18th century occupation. The latest date of 1790vv (BBM-105) probably best indicates the period of site occupation.

Site Number LTRR # Species Proven Function Inside Date Inside Symbol Outside Date Outside Symbol
LA138463 BBM-104 PNN   MA limb 1745 p 1769 vv
LA138463 BBM-105 PNN   MA stump 1560 +-p 1790 vv
LA138463 BBM-106 PNN   MA limb 1584 p 1771 ++vv
LA138463 BBM-107 PNN   MA stump 1619 p 1769 vv
LA138463 BBM-108 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA138463 BBM-109 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA138463 BBM-110 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA138463 BBM-111 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA138463 BBM-112 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA138463 BBM-113 JUN   MA stump NO DATE