Site: LA134795

LA134795 Figure 1. Overview of Feature 2 at LA134795 looking south.


LA 134795 is an Early Navajo habitation site located on the west-sloping portion of the mesa. There are at least three collapsed forked-pole hogans and several other features in the vicinity. Sherds and lithics indicate a Gobernador Phase occupation, but later use of the area is indicated as well.

We collected 13 tree-ring samples from the site area, including nine from architectural elements and four from CMTs. One of the samples was lost between the field and LTRR, four are juniper, and nine are pinyon. Seven of the samples, all pinyon, yielded dates that range from 1743vv to 1792G. The architectural samples, hogan forks and leaners, all yielded noncutting dates that range from 1754++vv (BBM-97) to 1771+vv (BBM-94). Samples from the CMTs, however, yielded an 1781+vv date (BBM-93) and two 1792cutting dates (BBM-91, 92). The most parsimonious interpretation, therefore, is that the site was initially occupied in 1792.

Site Number LTRR # Species Proven Function Inside Date Inside Symbol Outside Date Outside Symbol
LA134795 BBM-90 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA134795 BBM-91 PNN   MA limb 1685 P 1792 v
LA134795 BBM-92 PNN   MA limb 1707 P 1792 G
LA134795 BBM-93 PNN   MA limb 1649 P 1781 +vv
LA134795 BBM-94 PNN FE 2 Fork 1629   1771 +vv
LA134795 BBM-95 PNN FE 2 Leaner 1623   1743 vv
LA134795 BBM-96 PNN FE 2 Leaner 1629   1768 ++vv
LA134795 BBM-97 PNN FE 2 Leaner 1599   1754 ++vv
LA134795 BBM-98   FE 2 Leaner LOST      
LA134795 BBM-99 JUN FE 2 Leaner NO DATE      
LA134795 BBM-100 PNN FE 2 Leaner NO DATE      
LA134795 BBM-101


FE 3 Leaner NO DATE      
LA134795 BBM-102 JUN FE 1 Leaner NO DATE      
LA134795 BBM-103 PNN FE 1 Leaner NO DATE