Site: LA134789


Figure 1. Overview of the Navajo feature at LA134789 looking south.


LA 134789 is a fairly large multi-component site near the middle of the mesa. Gallina materials are most common, but our concern is the single Early Navajo forked-pole Hogan feature. The Navajo component was not identified during the initial survey, but was later delineated by John Roney as a possible forked-pole hogan.

We collected four samples from the Hogan area, three from architectural elements and one from an ax-cut limb. The three juniper samples failed to date, but the single pinyon sample¡ªfrom a Hogan fork¡ªyielded a 1785vv noncutting date. This single date indicates late 18th century site use and agrees with most other Early Navajo dates in the area.

Site Number LTRR # Species Proven Function Inside Date Inside Symbol Outside Date Outside Symbol
LA134789 BBM-45 JUN FE 21 MA limb NO DATE      
LA134789 BBM-46 PNN   Fork 1557   1785 vv
LA134789 BBM-47 JUN   Leaner NO DATE      
LA134789 BBM-48 JUN   Fork NO DATE