Site: LA134784


Figure 1. Overview of LA134784 looking northeast; hogan timbers are visible in the center of the photo.


LA 134784 is an Early Navajo habitation location on a high bench just below the dramatic escarpment of La Ventana Mesa. It contains the collapsed remains of a forked-pole hogan, a midden, and an ashy area that may be another hogan. Burned mammal bone, flakes, and sherds comprise the small artifact assemblage.

We collected seven samples from the site, all from CMTs¡ªax-cut limbs and stumps. None of the extremely weathered hogan timbers were suitable for sampling. Six of the samples are juniper, none of which dated. The single pinyon sample yielded a noncutting date of 1785vv. This single date indicates activity in the late 18th century and is concurrent with other Early Navajo dates from the area.

Site Number LTRR # Species Proven Function Inside Date Inside Symbol Outside Date Outside Symbol
LA134784 BBM-49 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA134784 BBM-50 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA134784 BBM-51 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA134784 BBM-52 JUN   MA limb NO DATE      
LA134784 BBM-53 JUN   MA slab NO DATE      
LA134784 BBM-54 JUN   MA stump NO DATE      
LA134784 BBM-55 PNN   MA limb 1591 p 1785 vv