Steven W. Leavitt
May 2014

TITLE- Professor of Dendrochronology and Associate Director, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ  85721

                                    (Phone 520-621-6468; FAX 520-621-8229; e-mail



            May 1982         Ph.D. Geosciences.  University of Arizona, Tucson

(Dissertation title: Inference of past atmospheric δ13C and PCO2 from 13C/12C measurements in tree rings)

            Aug 1977         M.S. Environmental Sciences.  University of Virginia, Charlottesville

(Thesis title: Soil-plant relationships of nutrient and non-nutrient metals in Louisa Co., Virginia)

            June 1971         B.S. Geology.  University of Illinois, Urbana

(Thesis title: The geology and genesis of magmatic iron deposits at Kiruna and Gellivare, Sweden, and Iron Mountain, Missouri)


            Jan 2008 to present     Associate Director, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

            Jul 1996 to present        Professor, University of Arizona

            Jul 1992 to Jul 1993      Acting Director, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

            Aug 1990 to Jun 1996   Associate Professor of Dendrochronology, University of Arizona

            Jul 1989 to Aug 1990    Associate Professor of Geology, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
            Aug 1984 to Jul 1989    Assistant Professor of Geology, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

            Jun 1982 to Jul 1984     Post-doc Research Assoc., University of Arizona, Dept. of  Geosciences


            The Weather, Earth & Man, Environmental Earth Science, Geochemistry, Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology, Dendrochronology, Senior Seminar, Mineralogy, Petrology, Tree Rings as Chronometers, Dendrochronology: Biological Applications, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Introduction to Global Change (Nats101), Isotope Dendrochonology, Natural History of the Southwest.


            Dr. Leavitt's research centers on past, present and future global change, and is variously involved with light stable-isotope analysis of tree rings, native plant leaves, crop plants, and geological materials: stable-isotope dendrochronology; light stable-isotope geochemistry applied to geological and environmental problems; the global carbon cycle in geologic time and the recent imbalance from anthropogenic effects; environmental and climate reconstructions with particular interest in the last 15,000 years.


Membership: The Geochemical Society, American Geophysical Union, The Tree-Ring Society, American Quaternary Association (executive council member), Ecological Society of America

Editor: Tree-Ring Research (2002-present); Editorial Board: Radiocarbon; Communicating Editor: Trees-Structure and Function (2006-present)

Ad Hoc manuscript peer review for 40 different journals & proposal review for 12 agencies since 1994; >50 proposals and >150 manuscripts from 2005 through 2013


            Dr. Leavitt routinely contributes to intramural service at the Department, College and University levels through membership on several committees.  Most notable among these was service on the Provost's University Promotion and Tenure Committee (1996-99).  Dr. Leavitt also served as Chairman of the Global Change Interdisciplinary Program from which the Global Change Ph.D. Minor is administered (1997-99).  Dr. Leavitt's outreach activities include general talks to service organizations, and lecturing at a "Stable Isotope Ecology Course" held at the University of Utah in June (1996-2014, except 2000 and 2006).



PI         NSF, "Support for AmeriDendro Conference; Tucson, AZ; May 13-17, 2013" with Thomas W. Swetnam (co-PI), May 1, 2013, to April 30, 2014,  $9463.

Co-PI   NSF, “COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Processes and Patterns in The North American Monsoon Macrosystem”, Monson R. (PI) et al., April 1, 2011 to Mar. 31, 2016, $2,949,061 to UA.

Collaborator NSF, "Collaborative Research: Terrestrial Late Pleistocene paleoenvironment back to MIS 3 from fossil microflora and tree rings in recently excavated landslide deposits, western Oregon", Tim Jull (PI), Peter Van de Water (co-PI), Irina Panyushkina (co-PI), April 16, 2011, to April 15, 2013, ca. $145,000 [no-cost extension to April 15, 2014]

Co-PI   NSF, "Reconstructing Winter Temperatures in the Rockies using Tree-Ring Oxygen Isotopes", with Connie Woodhouse (PI), Adam Csank (co-PI), September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2013, $239,050 [no-cost extension to August 31, 2014]

Co-PI   NSF, "Flickering Climate: Assessment of the Non-Stationary Environment in the Great Lakes Area, 14 ka to 8 ka BP- A Time of Rising Human Population and Mega-Fauna Extinction" with Irina Panyushkina (PI) September 15, 2010August 31, 2013, $597K. [no-cost extension to August 14, 2014]

PI- U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Russian/US proposal “Influence of changes in temperature and moisture on structure and composition of annual rings in Siberian trees” with Gene Vaganov (Russian PI), and other co-PIs, Dec 1, 2009 to Nov 30, 2011, $40K.

Co-PI   NSF, “An Investigation of North American Monsoon Variability using Instrumental and Tree-Ring Data”, with Connie Woodhouse (PI), Ramzi Touchan, Dave Meko Chris Castro (Co-PIs), Sept. 1, 2008, to Aug. 31, 2011, ca. $600K [no-cost extensions to Aug. 31, 2013]

Co-PI  IALC (Intl. Arid Lands Consortium), “Climate Response of Growth and Water Use in Semi-Arid Pine Forest”, with Dan Yakir (PI), Dec 1, 2003, to Nov. 30, 2005, ca. $100K.

Co-PI  NSF, "High-resolution Younger Dryas environmental Variability: A Comprehensive Assessment from Mid-North America Tree Rings" with Irina Panyushkina (PI), Jul. 1, 2002, to June 30, 2005 (Extended to June 30, 2006), ca. $220K


PUBLICATIONS OF LAST 5 YEARS (of ca. 150 in all categories since 1979)-


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