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Bristlecone pine photograph


As of fall 2006 I will be a PhD grad student in geography with a minor in global change. I have been an Adjunct Professor for Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ. I have taught intro geology, historical geology, physical geography, world geography, and cultural geography. Each new semester brings new students to enlighten in how dynamic the Earth is and how scientists investigate the Earth. I have also worked in the Labratory of Tree-Ring Research at the UofA continually searching for frost rings and their links to atmospheric circulation, creating new lab pamphlets, and inventorying BCP specimens (some of which have not seen the light of day in over 30 years).

In December 2001, I finished a Masters in Geosciences working with Dr. Katie Hirschboeck on frost ring formation in high elevation pines (Bristlecone and Foxtail) at the The Labratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona. My research project included the investigation of a variety of Bristlecone and Foxtail locations in the western USA. I compiled frost ring chronologies from these sites in hopes of finding a regional climatic pattern resulting from major volcanic eruptions. Most of the samples were collected in the 1980's, but recently some fellow researchers and I collected samples from the White Mountains in California(See images below of Sheep Mountain). I am currently looking for a frost ring associated with the 1991 Pinatubo eruption. For more images of California BCP Click Here

Bristlecone pine photograph Bristlecone pine photograph

Bristlecone pine photograph Bristlecone pine photograph

I have a BS in geology and geography and a MS in geography with an emphasis on remote sensing and GIS from Murray State University in Murray, KY. My thesis at Murray State involved predicting potential groundwater pollution in a karst region utilizing DRASTIC and GIS.


I enjoy looking at the physical environment in a somewhat different light through the use of GIS, remote sensing, geology, and dendrochronology. You can obtain a whole new perspective of the world and your position in it. I enjoy teaching whether it be college, high school, middle school or elementary students. I have been a Teaching Assistant for several geoscience courses (Intro geology, earth sciences, oceanography, NATural Sciences, and Environmental History of the Southwest) and tutored for even more courses (geoscience, geography, astronomy, biology, psychology, etc.). I have visited grade schools to teach students about rocks & minerals, the scientific method, volcanoes & earthquakes, and tree rings.

If that does not work out, I'm going to make muppets for the Jim Henson company. Some of my favorite movies include Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Muppet Movie, and Mulan. I enjoy reading a variety of books. Recently I have read The Education of Little Tree, The Color Purple, Black Elk Speaks, Ceremony, Seven Arrows, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Autobiography by Wilma Mankiller, Last Standing Woman, and several others.

IMAGES - - - The next three pictures show 3 of the many sides of me.

Me smashing spogemene

The image above is me (the geologist) smashing some rocks containing spogemene (a lithium mineral) in a quarry in North Carolina ca.1995.

Me coring, with Rex

The image above is me (the dendrochronologist) waiting to core a tree on the 1999 Intro to Dendro field trip to Webb Peak, Arizona. As you can see, Rex always makes me laugh.

Me with chainsaw

The image above is me (the joker) sneaking into Chris's 'holy' chainsaw chaps and holding the 'mystic' chainsaw on the 2000 Intro to Dendro field trip to the Pinal Mountains near Globe, Arizona.

Click here for pictures from the Fall 2000 Intro to Dendro field trip

Me with giant sequoia

July 2000 I helped the Fire History group collect data in the Sierra Nevada. We were collecting species type and diameter data. We visited Yosemite and Sequioa Parks. Here is a picture of me leaning on a fire scarred Giant Sequioa (NOTE:fire scar to my left).

Click here for pictures from the Spring 2001 Dendroarcheology field trip

I have 2 of the coolest dogs ever. Kola is shown in the pictures below. She is a boston terrier that goes by the name of Kola (Lakota for friend). She was born April 14th 1998. Some of her hobbies include sunbathing and generally taking it easy.Domino (named after the dot on his head and my favorite comic book character) will be showing up in pictures soon. He was born May 2004 and remains as rowdy as ever.

Kola lying outside Kola on couch

My Kentucky HOME

I am from a very small town in south central Kentucky - Adairville (population about 900). Adairville is between Bowling Green, KY and Nashville, TN about 2 miles north of the KY-TN border. I had lived all my life in the same place and felt as if it were time for a change. That is how I ended up in Tucson - more or less.

Just to clear some things up: I DO have an accent. I have all of my teeth. I wear shoes. Although I usually wear sandals so that I can count to 20. I don't have a horse. My family tree branches. Did I miss anything?

""Hello Mom, Dad, John, Scott, Roger, Tiffany, Sarah, Nita, Matt, and all my other family and friends.""

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