Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research



Dr. Calvin A. Farris

NPS Fire and Aviation Management (LTRR collaborator)

Current Contact:




National Park Service, Pacific West Region



PO Box 1713, Klamath Falls, OR 97601



541-205-6339 (o)

530-640-3100 (c)



Fire Ecology and Management, Fire History, Spatial Modeling, Landscape Ecology.

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Current LTRR Research

I am currently collaborating with LTRR colleagues on several spatially explicit fire history reconstructions in the Southwest and elsewhere, including methodology and calibration of area-burned estimates across multiple spatial scales.

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Other Research and Work

Long-term fire monitoring and research in national parks. Integrating research and fire management planning in parks. Fire modeling and long-term incident analysis.

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NPS Fire and Aviation Management Program

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Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
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