Tree rings in GRL, Science and EOS

The recent paper
“Long term context for recent drought in northwestern Africa”
by Ramzi Touchan, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, David M. Meko, Said Attalah, Christopher Baisan, and Ali Aloui
in Geophysical Research Letters vol. 35, L13705 2008
has attracted considerable attention. The Editors’ Choice section of the journal Science (vol. 321, No. 5889, 01 August 2008, p. 612) summarizes the paper, and the American Geopysical Union’s weekly publication EOS featured it in their Journal Highlights section.

Touchan, Meko and Baisan are all currently at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, and Anchukaitis is a recent graduate.


North Africa 35° 0' 0" N, 0° 0' 0" E