NATS 101-GC  D2L ("Desire to Learn") Tip Sheet
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 What is D2L?  Desire2Learn (D2L) is a web-based course management system designed to create a rich online learning environment for students. D2L includes features such as electronic self tests, quizzes, an automated gradebook, a discussion board, chat room, and a course checklist to keep you on track with class tasks.

How do I log in to my D2L course?      Steps for logging into D2L




Open up an internet browser.








Go to 
You can also get to this link from the NATS 101-GC webpage by clicking on ENTER D2L HERE .








Click on “Check that your browser is compatible” to be sure your computer is ready for D2L. If you see , follow the instructions on the screen to solve the problem.  If, after making changes to your browser you still see this message, contact the Office of Student Computing Resources (OSCR) Help Desk ( You are also welcome to bring laptops into any OSCR HelpDesk Computer Lab (








Click on the  button on the top lefthand side of the screen.








Use your NetID info to sign in.  (This is the same username and password you use to get into your UA Webmail.) 
NOTE: You MUST have a UA NetID and be officially enrolled in the course for at least 24 hours before you can access your D2L course. 








Once you successfully access the D2L MyHome page, look for the box labeled My Academic Courses in the middle of the screen and find 2006 Fall - NATS - Natural Sciences:








If instead of the minus sign (-) beside the current semester (as shown above), you see a PLUS SIGN, click on the plus sign (+) to open it up the current semester's courses.








If instead of the minus sign (-) beside NATS - NATURAL SCIENCES  (as shown above) you see a  PLUS SIGN (+) , click on  the plus sign (+) to open up the NATS course area








Click on the:   NATS 101-040 F'06 Global Change Hirschboeck  course name.








You should now be at your D2L Course Home page. 

What if I can’t log into D2L?

Click on  at and complete the form explaining the problems you are having.

Some helpful Tips for using D2L

  • The browser “Back” button does not work well in the D2L environment.  Get in the habit of using the links located on the blue and red navigational tool bars to move around inside your course.
  • When exiting your D2L course, be sure to click on the Logout link AND close the browser window.  This is especially important if you are using a computer in a public lab.

Where can I get more help if I need it?

 Once inside my D2L course, how do I access the course materials?   

  NOTE: the layout for our NATS 101-GC  D2L Site is shown below

There are two navigational tool bars along the top of your course homepage. One is BLUE and one is RED. The links located on these tool bars allow you to access communication & scheduling tools in your course.  In the NATS 101-GC version of D2L, you can also click on icons on the D2L Course Homepage in order to get to specific tools and links for:  Checklist, Class Follow-Up, Self Tests, Quizzes (RQ's), Study Guides, Assignments, the Main NATS Course webpage, and the Course FAQ.  Later a DropBox tool will be added.

Your  D2L Email (see the “Letter” icon in upper right of screen; it’s also linked on the upper left RED navigation bar) will work in all your D2l courses -- it's a great way to communicate with other students in the class, your TA's  and your professor -- free of spam and available whenever you are logged in to D2

Your D2L Locker (upper RED navigation bar) is your own personal online storage area into which you can save documents and other files for later access whenever and wherever you log in to D2L again.  You can make these files available to others, or protect them so others cannot access them -- be sure you protect any files you don't want others (including you professors) to be able to open.

Your NATS 101-GC GRADEBOOK is on the lower left BLUE  navigation bar, along with Chat and Discussion Board tools we'll be using at times during the semester.  You can also find the Classlist tool here.  Add a photo, description or homepage to your name if you like!  You can also view the names of the other students enrolled in the class so you can contact them via D2L email if you need to.

Two schedule links specific to our class are available on the lower right BLUE navigation bar:  the Semester-on-a-Page and the Reading & RQ Schedule.  These are also available outside of D2L via  the QUICK LINK on the main NATS 101-GC webpage.

Not shown is the D2L EVENTS tool, which is really a calendar with due dates.  You can get to it by clicking on Open My Events in the left frame of the computer screen.   The left frame also displays reminders of events that are coming up.

The LATEST NEWS box at the bottom of the page will be updated continually as the semester progress.  It is recommended that you check it every day.