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Preservation of Scientific Materials


Too often, the rigors of the scientific process end at publication. Responsible researchers consider the future of their materials beyond their initial applications. Collection and processing of specimens can be costly in time and funds; however, too few researchers are aware of and possess the sense of urgency to develop or execute procedures that can support future use of the specimens, thus maximizing resources. Many scholars only learn of these needs after experiencing a related emergency, narrowly avoiding or succumbing to one.

Responsible research conduct, at all levels, should include preservation and proper organization of specimens so they are readily available for new analyses, confirmation, or reinterpretation of results.
Course Objectives

This course intends to:
1) impart the best methods and practices that will help to insure the future research integrity of scientific specimens and their associated documentation
2) provide students the necessary tools and vision, and to instill a sense of urgency regarding long-term preservation of scientific materials

Sponsored by the UA Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research, The UA Graduate College, and
The Project for Scholarly Integrity, an initiative of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS)